Founded in 2019, Minagro develops high-quality green products for crop care. Its greener solutions, based on sustainable raw materials, aim to improve crop protection and nutrition inputs while limiting the crop care industry’s impact on the environment.

Located in Louvain-la-Neuve, Minagro conducts research activities in confirmed proprietary technologies from green and specialty chemistries.  Minagro’s solutions are dedicated to contributing positively to environmental challenges by supporting agrochemical companies with green and safer ingredients such as in-can preservatives, adjuvants, solvents and bio-stimulant actives.

Minagro is a supplier of ingredients and innovative solutions with a specific focus on agricultural input markets.

We develop products and provide application support.

Minagro support the agro companies by proposing greener solutions to improve the global impact of the agricultural sector.

Our mission

Minagro supports agribusinesses by proposing greener solutions to improve the global impact of the agricultural sector.

Formulations have a huge potential to improve the overall impact of agricultural inputs on the environment.

Therefore we develops innovative ingredients from sustainable raw materials leveraging our expertise in

  • Green Chemistry: Minagro’s ingredients presents a safe tox-profile and can be produced from plant extraction or biobased chemistry.
  • Formulation : Our solutions are designed as an efficient alternative to traditional chemicals.Our Technical support can support you to minimize the impact of your formulations with a specific focus on physico-chemistry and microbiology.
  • Agro applications : Minagro’s proprietary technologies create value in your formulated products like an improved performance, a safer label or an approval in organic farming (FiBL, ECOCERT, OMRI, COSMOS…).

Our ingredients combined with our technical support are dedicated to minimize the impact of your activities.

Our values

Green Chemistry for sustainable ingredients

Our R&D strategy is based on the discovery of newer, safer and more environmentally friendly processes, including the development of innovative bio-processes.

Minagro’s products presents a safe tox-profile and can be produced from plant extraction or green chemistry. This allows more sustainable ingredients regarding:

  • Product manipulation (safer label and MSDS)
  • Improved biodegradability (all Minagro ingredients are 100% biodegradable)
  • Renewable Carbon Index (100% biobased)
  • REACH Compliance

Applicative R&D – Maximize your impact

We support our customers’ efforts to improve their global impact with our ingredients that are efficient alternative to traditional chemicals :

  • Minimizing the impact of your final product
  • Improving performance and shelf-life of your formulations
  • Allowed by main organic certification authorities (ECOCERT, FiBL, OMRI,…)

Global network – Synergies and collaborations are the drivers to our success.

Our Business strives on the trust built between the customer and the supplier. We share the same customers’ values and integrate ethnic and cultural diversity within our workforce. As a company, we develop our global presence to be close to our customers.

Our board of directors

Left to right: Koen, Alexandre, Pierre, Arnold and George


  • Pierre Ferrand, Chairman
    With 30 years of experience in the agrochemical sector and market knowledge, Chairman Pierre Ferrand, currently serving as the CEO and co-founder of CPAG Consulting, plays a crucial role in steering Minagro developments in sustainable co-formulants.
  • George Blackman, Independent Director
    As the CEO of Realco, specializing in green chemistry for the detergent industry, George Blackman offers an outsider’s perspective on Minagro’s business development, ensuring its alignment with new technologies within environmental objectives.
  • Koen Quaghebeur, Director
    Co-founder and co-CEO of Globachem, Koen Quaghebeur provides strategic insights on industry and market dynamics, contributing to Minagro’s mission of integrating sustainable crop nutrition and protection products within the agriculture supply chain.
  • Alexandre Berbinschi, Director
    Representing Invest BW, a regional investment firm supporting start-ups in Walloon Brabant, Alexandre Berbinschi advises the board on regional ecosystem support and opportunities, enhancing Minagro’s understanding of the local landscape.
  • Arnold de Maere, CEO and Co-founder
    As the CEO and co-founder of Minagro, Arnold de Maere brings a pragmatic approach to driving bio-based innovations in the agrochemical industry. He plays a key role in leading Minagro’s mission to bring about a systemic change, emphasizing the importance of sustainable co-formulants in crop protection and nutrition.

Our partners