Sovinol P range of greener
solutions to traditional in-can

The origin of our protection packs comes from naturally derived products (sugar cane bagasse and essential oils). Sovinol P range ensures greener solutions based on green chemistries partly synthetic and naturally derived

Sovinol P Protection Packs provide

  • Safer, greener solutions, having more favourable labels compared to commonly used preservatives
  • Effective in-can preservation at low dose rate (0,2-0,5%)
  • An extended range targetting compatibility with commenly used formulants
  • Co-formulants allowed by OMRI biopesticides and ECOCERT regulations (biofertilisers and biopesticides)
  • Liquid, high flash products, readily biodegradable
  • No label at recommended dose rate

Minagro’s developments are suitable for use in conventional aqueous pesticide formulations, biobased or organic agrochemical applications and are validated by

  • A dedicated agrochemicals lab for product and formulation development
  • An inhouse microbiology lab for testing and validation of protection packs. The Effectiveness is proven using ISO 11930 preservative test method

Sovinol P Product range and mapping